Roller Blinds
The simplicity of the roller blind harmonises comfortably into any décor style with an elegance enhanced by a vast selection of fabrics, colours and textures.

With the versatility of several design options, such as the Double Roller Blinds, Linked Blinds and Motorised Systems, there is a roller blind that will suit all applications and requirements.

Roller blinds provide a highly efficient method of light, sun and privacy control and are so compact that once rolled up, your view is uninterrupted.
With the contemporary design and extensive colour range customers can be confident they are receiving a practical, affordable and versatile window covering. Fabric choices range from practical block outs, light filtering and light and heat controlling sunscreens. Our Roller Blinds are available in classic chain drive, spring, linked dual, spring assist and motorised, with an aluminium roller tube. Roller Blinds can be matched with Panel Glides, Romans and Vertical Drapes to present the complete design solution.

Available in blockout only. Focus is 100% polyester blockout fabric colour coated with acrylic. In a range of 20 colours, this fabric is suitable for roller, vertical and panel blinds.
  • Width: 2600 mm
  • Coating: Pigmented acrylic coating
  • Protection: Mould and mildew protection
  • Cleaning: Wipe clean with warm, soapy water
  • Flame Retardant: Complies Building Code of Australia requirements for class 2a to 9 (a) buildings

Serengetti is the number one selling premium jacquard on the market. Only with yarn-dyed jacquard fabrics can you be certain to get the stunning 3-dimensional feel and appearance that Serengetti affords. Combining the latest technology with beautiful design, extraordinary colour and the versatile 3000 mm width, Serengetti is at the top of the tree for roman, roller and panel fabrics.

    Metro shade:             
    Available in blockout only. Metro shade is a 100% polyester fabric with acrylic foam blockout back coating. The colour coating on the face retains the soft, textured fabric appearance, while the foam coating on the back is engineered to resist marking during manufacture and exceeds the Australian Standard for blockout fabrics.
    • Colours: 14 to choose from
    • Composition: 100% Polyester
    • Maximum Width: 2800 mm
    • Protection: Mould and mildew resistant
    • Cleaning: Wipe clean with warm, soapy water and a damp cloth

      A sophisticated jacquard woven design in 9 contemporary colours in light filtering and blockout.
      • Composition: 100% Polyester Blockout
      • Coating: Blockout coated with acrylic foam
      • Protection: Mould and mildew protection
      • Cleaning: Wipe clean with warm, soapy water
      • Maximum Width: 3000 mm

        Solar View:            
        Sunscreen Solar View is 30% polyester / 70% PVC fabric manufactured for Texstyle and designed for controlling heat and light in the harsh Australian climate.
        • Colours: 12 to choose from
        • Composition: 30% polyester / 70% PVC
        • Protection: Mould and mildew protection
        • Maximum Width: 2500 mm
        • Cleaning: Wipe clean with warm, soapy water and a damp cloth. Solar View is listed on Ecospecifier as an eco-friendly screen product.

          Vivid Shade:                             
          • Colours: 11 to choose from
          • Maximum Width: 3000 mm
          • Composition: 30% polyester / 70% PVC
          • Light fastness: 8 Fully fade resistant
          • Openness: 5%
          • Flame Retardant: Designed and manufactured to comply with Building Code of Australia for class 2a to 9 (a) buildings.
          • Cleaning: Wipe clean with warm, soapy water and a damp cloth.

            Day/Night Roller Blinds:                              

            The Day/Night Roller Blind is two chain operated roller blinds installed on one set of brackets. The Day/Night Roller Blind is ideal for combining a sunscreen roller blind with a light block roller blind to provide perfect light and privacy control options throughout the day and night. By using the Day/ Night system you are able to reduce the number of brackets being fixed into your window frame. This can assist with installation where fixing points are limited.

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