Plantation Shutters give you complete control over the amount of light, heat and air that enters the room. If you need light, simply open the shutters to the desired amount. To avoid glare, you simply angle the blades slightly. If you need, darkness shutters can block out light completely due to the way the blades fit so closely together when closed. One of the biggest benefits of Plantation Shutters is the insulation benefits they provide. When they are fully closed, they create an insulating gap between the shutter and door or window. Heat cannot enter the home as easily in summer or leave in winter, making your interior temperature more stable and comfortable.

Basswood Plantation Shutters 

Basswood Plantation Shutters are more than just a blind or window covering; they are exquisite pieces of furniture for your windows. Our premium basswood range is made from plantation timber of the highest quality. Basswood Shutters are available in fixed, hinged, sliding or bi fold configurations so you can use them with any window or door opening. Basswood has an attractive fine texture, meaning that the finished shutters have a uniform smooth finish which adds to the beauty of the shutter. If you’ve always wanted natural wood shutters but have feared they will warp over time, simply opt for Basswood Shutters! Basswood is sturdy and is not easily affected by heat and water. It is durable due to the fact it is not a porous wood. This means the adhesives can be easily used on basswood, resulting in a strong tight joint.

Woodlore Shutter     
With crisp, clean colours, the Woodlore range offers endless decorating possibilities and will provide a distinctive accent to any home. Manufactured in a highly engineered wood composite, the Woodlore shutter is a durable, scratch resistant shutter suitable for a vast range of applications. Available in 5 classic colours, the Woodlore shutter is a perfect choice for your busy lifestyle. Woodlore shutters will complement your décor style with performance that makes life easier. The Woodlore shutter range is available in 63 mm, 89 mm and 114 mm louvre widths.

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