Automatic Awnings

CBI Automatic Awnings are ideal for windows on the ground floor or onto a balcony and are designed to shade and keep your home cool in the summer. The automatic locking arm will lock in any position and can be adjusted by hand or pull stick. The spring assembly allows for a quiet operation. They are designed to retract in extreme winds to prevent damage to the blind. Awning arms come standard as aluminum plated steel with brass rollers, or alternatively gold zinc alume. Stainless steel components are an option for coastal applications.

Automatic awnings are available in canvas, acrylic or mesh fabric, with hooding in a range of colours to suit the exterior of your home or office.

The correct awning installed over your window can have a huge impact on reducing the heat and glare transmitting into your home. Reducing glare and harmful UV rays entering your home increases the comfort level of your living area whilst also providing protection for your interior furnishings.
Choose from a vast range of fabrics, including blockout, light filler and woven mesh styles. Many fabrics will provide shade and glare control while allowing light to filter through. Other fabric ranges will provide you with a high level of light and sun block. All fabrics are designed to withstand our harsh climatic conditions and are treated to be mould and mildew resistant and stain repellent! Awnings can improve the energy efficiency of your home, provide a privacy screen and add a stylish and appealing finish to the exterior appearance of your home.  
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We specialize in external awnings made from: Colorbond Steel, Polycarbonate, Canvas, Acrylic, Mesh, In Fixed, Retractable and Motorised varieties.

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